Here at Meteor Production, each wedding is treated with personal care and creativity not found with other wedding photography and cinematography studios worldwide. Our wedding studio prides itself as one of the most well-known for wedding cinematography and Photography In Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Booking period : April 2020 - June 2020

Wedding period : June 2020 - Dec 2021 (Extended)

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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to give you more offer and extend our promotions to walk through with you at this hard time.

AD Photography + AD Videography

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8 hours

$2000 (u.p $3900)

AD Photography

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8 hours

$999 (u.p $1800)

AD Videography

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8 hours

$1200 (u.p $2400)

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Terms & Conditions apply.



Frequently asked questions

Booking our Services

What is the payment terms to book your services?

We will issue an invoice to you via email. A 50% non-refundable fee will be collected to save the date. Outstanding balance will collect from you during your wedding day. We accept Cash, cheque and bank transfer. An official e-receipt will send over once the payment made.

How long will I able to receive my final Photos/Video/Album?

Out maximum post production time is 4 weeks. For Photography usually will take only less than 2 weeks to complete while Video take a little bit longer.

Are your prices negotiatble and are there any hidden cost?

Our prices are transparent and there are not hidden cost. Our prices are fixed and we assure to our clients that they will get the most of what has been invested.

When is the latest I need to get back to you?

We will highly recommend you confirm the date by making deposit to secure the date before somebody taken. Especially some peak season or 'special' hot date within the year.

Wedding Day

Can I assign Photographer or Videographer who covering our big day?

Yes you can. However, our team members are trained to become professional to cover both Photo or Video. So changing role will not affected Meteor style anyway.

How many Photographers and Videographers do you have in your team?

Our team members have 2 Full timer and 2 part timer. We've been work together since our company has been setup 7 years ago.

How many photographer(s) or videographer(s) is there to cover our big day?

There will be either TWO or ONE photographer(s) / videographer(s) covering your big day, depending on the package you selected.

You charge by hourly rate, how many hours do you think is enough?

Our most popular are 8 hours or 10 hours (Full-day). But we also welcome wedding that only need 6 hours (half-day) or 4 hours (ROM). However our minimum booking is 2 hours.

What will be covered and captured during our big day within the hours?

Subjected to your wedding itinerary, the shooting process may differ from others. But our regular procedure are start from morning preparations, Bridal make up, gate crashing, tea ceremony for both side, solemnisation, banquet receptions, and banquet.

Do we need to provide you meals or transports during your coverage?

If your wedding is a wedding lunch. It will be great if you could provide a simple meal even it just a deliver order food. If your wedding is a dinner banquet. Usually we will already had our dinner before that. So no meal will needed. We will have our transport all day, but travel between groom and bride houses we will have require 2 seats for both photographer and videographer.

What happens if you fall sick or couldn't show up during our big day?

We will get a replacement ready and inform you the day before. Although this has never happens before. However a full refund shall be given if there's such unfortunate situation happens.

Are there any extra charge for split day wedding?

Yes. A $500 surcharge will apply for any split day wedding.

Can we change the date?

Date change are not advisable and strictyly subjected to our availbility. A forfeit amount will be charges within 1 month before your wedding. Forfeit amount will up to $1k or a full amount will be charges.


Do you provide gowns and suits attire for the shoot?

No we don't. However we have partner vendors who provide various of gown and suit with reasonable price.

Do you provide Bridal make up for the shoot?

Yes we do. Depends on your selected package. Make up artist will either follow us through out the shoot or only finish the first session.

How does the shooting session works?

Even though there're fixed hours in the contract, we don't courage to rush for the shoot throughout. Our style is to get couples enjoy the shooting in a way for us to take good epic pictures. We even takes more time with no extra charge just to get the nice shot.

Do you return all raw images?

Yes we do, we will give you the post edited images selected by you, and return the non-edit raw photos to you in Hi-resolution.

What happen if bad weather?

Depend on the situation, we have 2 options for you. Option1 - We re-schedule to another available date. But do note that there will be surcharge for that. Option2 - Stick to the original plan, we will shifted to indoor shoot if weather not allow. However there are limited indoor places for wedding shoot, some places will need to prebooked or admission fees. Anyway it's all up to clients to decide.

What about transportation on shooting day?

We don't provide transportation. We will need 2 seats for both photographer and make up artist.

For overseas shoot, do we have to book flights and accomodation for you?

We will more than happy to book our own flight and accomodation. Because we may take an early flight just to recee the places. We will usually book and pay in advance and claim them in the balance invoice.

Do we need to provide transporation, accomodation and meals for overseas shoot?

In fact you will also need to provide travel insurance as well. All transport include to, from and around shooting locations, airport transfers included as well. Please note that we don't stay with client's preoccupied houses. Our requirement is to stay at a minimum of 2 star hotel or apartment/house for our crew only. All meals need to be provided.

For overseas, what form of transportation and accomodation should we provide you?

We wouldn't mind flying with budget airlines as long as the transportation are safe. For accomodation our requirement is to stay at a minimum 2 star hotel or apartments/house. Nearer to the shooting location will be good.


What is same day edit?

Same day edit is the highlight in the morning for you to play during your banquet. Usually it's 3-5 mins duration.

My banquet is a luncheon, do you have time to deliver the same day edit?

Yes we can deliver, but in certain condition. Firstly we will need at least 3 hours standby for the editing. If your wedding itinearary has no extra 3 hours for us then same day edit wiil not deliver on time. Or you can also pay an extra for a second shooter or editor in terms of deliver the same day edit for lunch wedding.

Do you film the groom side preparation as well?

Yes we do. If there's only 1 videographer than he will shoot the process in order but to recapture the groom's preparation when there's availble time.

Do you provide a DVD?

Unfortunately we are no longer provide DVD as a final product. Instead of it we provide a good quality thumb drive with designed packaging for all videos.

Will you return all 'raw' footages to us?

Unfortunately we don't return 'raw footages' to couple because we capture 'raw' is only meant for editing purpose. They may not works in normal computer or viewing.

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